Claiming Your Place: Facebook and Google

by MediaTrik on October 14, 2010

Okay, let’s not miss this opportunity.  Just like Google Places, business owners can now also claim their Facebook Place.  (Yes, for free!)

We encourage all our clients to verify their Google Places (formerly Google Maps) listing which will allow you to add your business information, provide you with analytics, etc.

Facebook Places allows people to “check in.”  Make this a regular habit for your employees to do this each day!
By doing that their network of friends will be exposed to your business through their activity wall.

Encourage your customers to “check in” while at your store (we can help you with QR Codes to make this quick and painless for them!) by giving coupons, etc.   You will be able to track loyalty over time and that will give you better business intelligence and the ability to reward your loyal customers.

Members of our Facebook community are eligible for our special network price of $25 to assist you with your Places verification.  Put our experience to use!

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